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I am an INFP who strives to be more like the INTP. (If you're confused, look up the Myers-Briggs Personality Test) Happy browsing! Here is my lovely visage if you would like to take a peek.
I was just going through some old tumblr posts and found this and it made my night. Youre a gem <3

To Sruti ; From Sanah (:
Hiiiya Sruthi (:

So I was about to reblog something, until I realized you were still logged into tumblr on my computer so I decided to leave you a little note. I hope you don’t mind. You just left my house, it was a pleasure spending an afternoon with you. You’re too fun. (: Plus, it looks like our sonnet experience movie-thing is turning out pretty damn well. I love the images we selected and the instrumental is actually beautiful. Gaah I can’t wait to see how it brilliant it finishes to be. Anyhoo, I want you to know. To really know. That I personally believe that you possess excessive talent and gifts. You are intelligent, so beautiful, you hold a multitude of power. i know you don’t see it, or even notice it, but you do. That little tiny voice that keeps you withdrawn from people, from giving yourself a chance to heal, ignore it. Lessen it, hush it. Silence it. Talk to yourself, pep talks. Positive talks. Because you girl, are enlightening. You are impeccably kind hearted and sweet, you’re actually phenomenal. I swear you are. We’re share similar characteristics, which is why I find myself easily disclosing personal things. But hey, thats not a bad thing. I just want you to know that you can do the same. My ears are all yours. Do not feel like you’re being a wuss by complaining to me, or be hesitant to come and vent. About anything. School. Family issues. Self issues. Urges. Anything at all. Seriously, I want you to just message me on tunblr, or text me (soon.. lol), or just call me. Or just stop by my house. Any time. Call me and Ill pick you up if you just need time away from your current surroundings. I promise I will do anything to help. To ease whatever is hurting you. I care, I sincerely do. And I only want to see you absorb the power you are capable of, the power you are hiding.

I’m proud of you Sruthi, I truly am. Go get your award tonight, you deserve it.
Good luck studying for everything, just rest tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow.

31 Aug